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Better Hearing Means More Energy

October 20th, 2011 by qcurrie

All of us have enjoyed a leisurely drive in the country on a beautiful day.  Effortlessly negotiating the twists and turns of a rural road can be a great way to relax and enjoy an afternoon with the family.  But what if conditions change?  The same pleasurable experience becomes a very different scene in a torrential rain or blinding snowstorm.  What was once an easy drive suddenly becomes a white knuckled exhausting ordeal.  Getting home as quickly as possible becomes the only priority.  Once home you flop down on the couch exhausted and vow never to go out in that kind of weather again.

This scenario illustrates what can happen when you have difficulty hearing.  Listening is normally an effortless and often pleasurable experience.  Understanding human speech is one of the most difficult things the human brain does however we normally do it quite easily as long as conditions are right.  But when conditions change, such as the intrusion of background noise or more than one talker at once, the brain has to work much harder to cope.  Throw in hearing difficulties and suddenly you’re using even more mental energy to try and listen and fill in the gaps.  Just as the driver retreats exhausted to the safety of home and vows never go out again, you may find yourself not enjoying more and more situations and retreating further and further to a quiet corner.  Listening ‘through’ a hearing loss is like looking through a windshield covered in snow or rain; it takes extra effort and can be exhausting.

Fortunately a hearing system can help clear up the view and give you back that energy you’ve been missing.  By providing the clear, crisp sound your brain needs to do its job, listening can be pleasurable again.  Just as the skilled driver enjoys the road again when the sun comes out, you can use your natural listening skills again giving more energy and more positive listening experiences at the end of the day.

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