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Please sign to improve the federal tax regulations

November 2nd, 2016 by qcurrie

In the spring of every year people with hearing loss and deafness battle the Canada Revenue Agency to be granted the federal disability tax credit.  Unfortunately, the current definition for a markedly restrictive hearing loss is far to narrow.  It includes only those who are so severely and profoundly hearing impaired or deaf and that they have essentially no useful hearing at all, even with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Please consider clicking on the link below and signing the online petition to change the current regulations.  We need to include people who depend on their hearing aids and cochlear implants for daily communication and safety.  For the majority of people who wear them, hearing aids and cochlear implants are not just a lifestyle choice but a necessity.  They carry the added burden of purchase and maintenance of these technologies as well as other social and economic costs.

Please follow the link below.  Many thanks in advance for your support.

Disability Tax Credit & Hearing Loss: Petition to Government of Canada

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