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Listening & Reading: A brain workout thanks to the CBC

November 25th, 2016 by qcurrie

I was reminded recently of a great little hearing exercise from my days supporting cochlear implant patients at the Health Sciences Centre.  Understanding speech on the radio can often be difficult with a hearing loss because there are no visual references (lip reading, body language) to supplement what you hear.  Typically I would recommend books on tape as an excellent hearing workout.  Patients could read along with the recording and really develop and sharpen their auditory skills.

Well this being 2016 there’s now an even better source for written+recorded material that is current and relevant and it comes courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting

Recordings and transcripts of “As it Happens” and “The Current” are now available 24 hours after the episode airs on the CBC website (for details click here).  This is fantastic news for severely hearing impaired or deaf clients or for anyone looking to give their hearing brains a good listening workout.  Enjoy the good news.





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