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Customer Satisfaction Comments & Ratings


“Absolutely top notch service. A pleasure to visit your office and I know that I received quality care. You listen earnestly to the issues and are positive in your approach to provide solutions. I was thoroughly diagnosed and am thoroughly satisfied with the service and care provided.”

“You did everything well! Very personable experience! Your product, presentation and follow through were most impressive. What a difference you have made in my life. I should have done this years ago!

“Keep up the great work, your personality is great and made me feel very comfortable as it was an emotional time for me knowing that I need hearing aids!”

“Keep going as you are doing now. I did not look forward to getting hearing aids but felt that you made me feel anything was possible.”

“Great product. Great services.”

“I found you very supportive and helpful, continue this way. I have recommended your business to all my friends.”

“I liked the time you took with my fitting.”

The service was very professional. Company did not push the product to make money. Audiologist appeared to be genuinely honest in trying to help the user to get the most out of the hearing aid and best possible sound.”

“I have passed on your name to many people as I was so impressed with your care and helpful manner. I felt you really wanted to help and are in this business to help people with hearing loss. Thank you.”

“Keep on doing such a great service. You are very helpful and friendly and takes whatever time is needed without making me feel rushed or that I am taking up too much of your time.”

“When I visited the office I felt as if I’ve known you both forever, you made me so comfortable and relaxed. You both are truly an excellent couple.”


Average Customer Rating

“Thanks so much. Life is much better.”

“Setting up the aids using proper equipment. Provided me with information on various things you could do to make hearing better (i.e., molds). Follow up and support after getting my aids. Making me feel comfortable and welcome and important as a person, not just as a customer. Thank you Quenton!”

“You always fit me in no matter how many times I had to come back. You were so willing to make adjustments etc. to a hearing aid that was not from you. I thank you.”

“I really thought it was a very informative test and I enjoyed my visit and felt very comfortable talking with Quenton. It was very informal which made it a better appointment as I was feeling very apprehensive about the hearing test. The last place I had gone was not a good experience.”

“I certainly don’t see anything more you could do to improve your service. It was just excellent.”