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Oticon IntigaOur products come from only the highest rated European manufacturers.  These companies consistently pour hundreds of millions of dollars a year into research and development and are on the leading edge of hearing science.  They’re also known for producing the most attractive, discrete and comfortable devices available so you’ll always look your best.  But while the technology may come from away, Red Door Hearing & Speech is from right here at home so there’s never an issue when it comes to service and support.

This is an exciting time in hearing technology.  Hearing instruments are smaller and better sounding than ever before.  New advances in noise suppression, directional microphones, signal processing and wireless communications mean clients are hearing better and more naturally than ever before.  Imagine being able to hear well in almost any situation wearing a comfortable device that no one knows you’re wearing and that you actually forget you have on.

We do not use free promotions, coupons or special limited time offers.  Instead we give all our clients the best value possible every day so you’ll never feel like you’re being rushed into making an investment.  We have a transparent pricing policy so you always know what you’re paying for and so you can see clearly that you’re receiving good value.  If it looks like a hearing system is right for you, we offer a free trial period and if you decide to make a purchase you can take advantage of our very generous return policy.  We only want happy customers wearing our products.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language TherapyOral language and speech skills set the groundwork for all the other learning your child will acquire for the rest of his/her life.  Without a good foundation in language understanding, verbal expression and speech sound development in the first  three and a half years of life, children are at risk for reading, writing and learning problems.  Without proper treatment, these problems may plague them the rest of their lives.

The key to setting your child on the right path is to get advice early and from the right source.  Our Canadian Certified Speech-Language Pathologist has the knowledge and training to assess your child’s communication from before he says his first word; which, by the way, usually happens around 12 months of age.

At Red Door Hearing & Speech, we believe in prevention, detection and early intervention and have specialized training to support this philosophy .